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  • What are the Internship requirements?
    To be eligible for the Internship (SSCI 4103U), students must possess a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 (B) and 84 credit hours (4th year standing).  These criteria (GPA and credit hours) will be reviewed prior to approving Internship applications and requests.
  • Is there a deadline to complete and submit the Internship application form (and supplementary documentation)?
    There is no formal deadline to complete and submit the Internship application form and supplementary documentation, however students must receive Faculty approval prior to pursuing / accepting an Internship opportunity and registering for the Internship course (SSCI 4103U).  Students who are considering participating in an Internship experience are strongly encouraged to submit their application package early to ensure they are eligible to proceed.
  • Will I receive course credit for an Internship?

    Yes, students will receive course credit (three credit hours) for the successful completion of the Internship and its accompanying class. 

  • Does the Internship position have to match my program or major?
    The internship position should align with your program of study and interests or skills you are seeking to develop. In order to be successful during the interview process, the employer will be looking for a student with a strong understanding of the industry and field.  As part of the Internship course, students will be required to discuss the learning outcomes from the job experience and make connections to their program of study. Therefore, the Internship position should align closely with their objectives and learning outcomes of their program.
  • Can I take additional courses while participating in an Internship?

    While participating in the Internship, students may register for no more than one additional course (three credit hours) per semester, resulting in a maximum of six credit hours (i.e. Internship and one additional course per semester).

  • Will participating in the Internship affect my course schedule, program map and/or ability to graduate on time?

    Students who are interested in participating in an Internship are strongly encouraged to work with the Academic Advising office ( to discuss how an Internship will impact their program map and/or course sequence.