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Benefits of the Practicum

Fourth-year students develop and refine their professional self through a placement with an organization. The Practicum prepares you for a leadership role within your field of study.

  • A well-rounded education, enriched by practical application of classroom learning.
  • Opportunities to gain relevant employment skills and realistic expectations of the workforce.
  • Documented practical experience and workplace skills for a resumé.
  • Job search skills and a network of contacts upon graduation.
  • Opportunities to gain a broader understanding of career options.
  • Development of personal and personal and professional goals.
  • Experience with self-directed learning.
"Participating in the Practicum—both the class and the placement—forced me to step outside of my comfort zone and helped me develop confidence in myself and my abilities. I now understand the ways in which my degree applies to the workforce, and I feel much more comfortable meeting new people and networking."
- Julia, Forensic Psychology, class of 2016