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Melissa McMillan

Forensic Psychology, class of 2015

Practicum student, Melissa McMillan

"I was lucky enough to complete my practicum placement with the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) Durham, as part of the Transitional Rehabilitation Housing Program (TRHP). During this placement, I gained practical work experience and had exposure to various situations not teachable in a classroom. The practicum helped me build a professional network with various agencies in the community. After the practicum, I was hired by CMHA and have since then worked with the Collaborative Residents Enabling Assisted Transitional Engagement (CREATE) program, along with the TRHP/Forensic Case Management program. Currently, I am Senior of the CREATE program. My experience with the practicum program was invaluable with helping me land a full-time permanent career in a field I am so passionate about."