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Experiential Learning

The practicum is an experiential learning tool that provides students with opportunities to acquire workplace skills and knowledge, confront the relationship between theory and practice, and cultivate a sense of personal and professional development. The course consists of 100 hours of fieldwork, in-class seminars, a set of academic assignments and a major research paper and poster. As part of the pre-practicum process, students will be required to acquire a Vulnerable Sector Screening. Students are matched with community organizations based on goals, interests, and learning outcomes identified in the pre-practicum selection process. In consultation with a designated fieldwork supervisor, students design, manage, and receive feedback on a series of self-directed workplace goals and objectives.
Credit hours: 3
Prerequisite(s): Fourth-year standing in the Faculty of Social Science and Humanities, minimum B average (3.0 GPA), and successful completion of pre-practicum selection process.
Credit restriction(s): COMM 4810U, LGLS 4098U
Valuable hands-on experience with psychology research can be gained through the Directed Laboratory Research (PSYC 3100U) course. This course allows interested and eligible students to engage in individual scholarship and research at an advanced level under faculty supervision. Responsibilities may include: literature searches, assisting with the collection or creation of stimuli, testing research tools and materials, writing ethics proposals, data collection, data entry, and data analysis.
The Forensic Psychology Research Labs are very active, with professors, graduate students, and undergraduate students conducting research that aims to address a wide variety of research questions. Research in these labs focuses on key topics in the field of Forensic Psychology, such as investigative interviewing, lie detection, eyewitness memory, wrongful conviction, offender rehabilitation, juvenile witnesses, psychopathic behaviour, police use of body worn cameras, and offender profiling.