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Jeffrey Kaplan

PhD Student, Forensic Psychology

Faculty of Social Science and Humanities


Jeff Kaplan is a teaching assistant, research assistant, and PhD student affiliated with the Faculty of Social Science and Humanities at Ontario Tech University. He holds a B.A. (Hons) degree with a double major in psychology and criminal justice from the University of Winnipeg, and a Master's Degree in forensic psychology from Ontario Tech University. He is a member of the American Psychological Association, Canadian Psychological Association, and American Psychology-Law Society.

Under the supervision of Dr. Brian Cutler, Jeff's PhD research is in the area of assessing the psychology behind interrogation techniques and coercion. His research experience includes not only studies conducted in an academic context, but also public
sector evaluations and private sector market research. Past clients include the Health Canada, the Correctional Services of Canada, the Manitoba Provincial Government, AAA/CAA, MTS (now Bell Telecom) and many others. His areas of research have been highly varied, as he often focuses on synthesizing research from disparate areas of the social sciences. This includes research projects
involving eyewitness identification accuracy, offender rehabilitation, evolutionary psychology, methods of supported employment for individuals with mental illnesses, and the effects and correlates of workplace bullying and harassment.

Jeff Kaplan provides literature reviews, survey design, and data analysis services for public and private sector organizations on a contract basis.