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Headshot of Dr. Judith Grant

Judith Grant

Associate Professor

Faculty of Social Science and Humanities

Contact information

Bordessa Hall Downtown Oshawa
55 Bond Street East
Oshawa, ON


Dr. Judith Grant received her PhD in Women's Studies from York University in Toronto, Ontario. She obtained her Master of Arts degree from the University of Toronto, and her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of New Brunswick. She taught for nine years at Canadian universities followed by six years in the United States, teaching sociology and criminology courses. Dr. Grant's international work has taken her to Southeast Asia (the Philippines and Sri Lanka) to document gender analysis reports for Canadian agencies, and to Russia where she presented research on Canadian laws on domestic violence to the Centre for Women, Family and Gender Studies, in both Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Her most recent research involves interviews with men and women who have been in recovery from their addiction for 20 years or more. 

Curriculum vitae


  • MA, Sociology in Education University of Toronto
  • PhD, Women's Studies York University

Courses taught

  • SOCI 1000U – Introductory Sociology
  • SSCI 1000U – Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • SSCI 2700U - Human Sexuality
  • SSCI 2900U – Research Methods
  • SSCI-2920U – Qualitative and Case Study Research Methods
  • SSCI-3010U – Social Justice and Conflict
  • SSCI 3028U – Women in the Criminal Justice System
  • SSCI 3920U – Advanced Qualitative Methods 
  • SSCI 4000U – Advanced Justice Studies: Drugs in Society
  • SSCI 4069U – Corrections II
  • SSCI 4099U – Criminology and Justice Integrating Project
  • SSCI 5060U/001/002 – Advanced Methods in Qualitative Research/Graduate Seminar

Research and expertise

Research background and interests:

  • drugs and gender
  • violence against women
  • women and addiction/recovery

Research areas of specialty:

  • drug education
  • drug policies in Canada
  • drug use and abuse
  • qualitative research 
  • addiction/recovery from controlled substances
  • community activism
  • community-academic alliances
  • drugs and gender
  • drugs in society
  • public policy
  • violence against women

Philip McCristall (Master of Arts in Criminology). PTSD among veterans: A struggle for benefits: A matter of social justice, completed 2016.

Nicole Garnette (Master of Arts in Criminology). What’s in a name? Revealing the function of the criminal pseudonym through a content analysis of 10 characters in 12 films, completed 2015.

Matthew Hack (Master of Arts in Criminology). Exploring the Impact of Post-Secondary Drug Education, completed 2013.

Jade Thiessen (Master of Arts in Criminology). Exploring Women’s Pathways to Recovery: A Literature Review, completed 2013.

Assessment of Addiction Problems and Service for the Central East Local Health Integration Network (CELHIN): Defining the Gaps and Opportunities: Qualitative Report (2008).