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What will you be learning?

The Sustainability Studies minor is available to all students in any major program at Ontario Tech University. The minor consists of seven courses which include three mandatory courses and four electives. A cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 in minor courses is required to successfully complete the minor. 

Please visit Program: Sustainability Studies minor on the Academic Calendar for more information or speak to your Faculty Advisor. 

  • Mandatory courses
    ENVS 100U – Environmental Science
    And two of:
    POSC 3300U – Building Sustainable Communities
    POSC 3303U – Policies for Sustainability
    COMM 3350U – Environmental Communication
    POSC 3101U - Inequality and Development
    POSC 3800U - Principles of Economics and Political Economy
  • Elective courses
    Four of:

    AEDT 4150U – Holistic Learning in Early Childhood
    BIOL 1020U – Biology II: Diversity of Life and Principles of Ecology
    BIOL 1841U – Essentials of Biology
    BIOL 3620U – Conservation Biology
    BIOL 3660U – Ecology
    BIOL 4010 Introduction to Environmental Research Methods
    BIOL 4080U – Bioethics
    BIOL 4660 Aquatic Ecology: Concepts and Environmental Applications
    BUSI 1600U – Management of the Enterprise
    BUSI 1700U – Introduction to Entrepreneurship
    BUSI 2000U – Collaborative Leadership
    BUSI 2050U – Managerial Economics
    BUSI 2620U – Business Ethics
    BUSI 3330U – The Management of Change
    CHEM 3050U – Environmental Chemistry
    COMM 3310U – Communication, Communities and Social Change
    COMM 3350U – Environmental Communication
    COMM 3710U – Intercultural Communication
    EDUC 3201U – Environmental Education
    ENGR 3420U – Energy and Environmental Impact
    ENGR 3730U – Solar Energy Technologies
    ENGR 3830U – Wind Energy Systems
    ENGR 4480U – Emerging Energy Systems
    ENVS 2010U – Introductory Environment Science
    ENVS 3110U – Economics and Politics of the Environment
    HLSC 1811U – Social Determinants of Health
    HLSC 3710U – Ethics
    HLSC 3823U – Health and Indigenous People in Canada
    HLSC 4803U – Global Health
    HLSC 4809U – Environmental and Occupational Health
    HLSC 4823U – Small Business Practice and Entrepreneurship for Health Professionals
    INDG 2000U – Introduction to Indigenous Studies
    LGLS 2120U – International Law
    LGLS 3230U – Law and Globalization
    LGLS 3310U – Indigenous Peoples, Law and the State in Canada
    LGLS 4040U – Law and the Environment
    MANE 4380U – Life Cycle Engineering
    MECE 3260U – Introduction to Energy Systems
    MECE 4430U – Sustainable and Alternative Energy Technologies
    PHY 4040U – Solar Energy and Photovoltaics
    PHY 4050U – Emerging Energy Systems
    POSC 2300U – Mobilizing for Change
    POSC 3100U – Political Economy of Global Development
    POSC 3101 – Inequality and Development
    POSC 3201U – Rural Communities
    POSC 3203U – Urban Development
    POSC 3301U – Eco-Justice
    POSC 3302U – Environment and Globalization
    POSC 3500U – Equity Policy
    POSC 3800U – Principles of Economics and Political Economy
    SSCI 1470U – Impact of Science and Technology on Society
    SSCI 2020U – Issues in Diversity