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Curriculum vitae

  • Degrees
    • PhD, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), University of Toronto (U of T) (History of Higher Education), 1999
    • Master of Arts, OISE, U of T (History of Education), 1993
    • Bachelor of Arts, U of T (Canadian History and International Relations), 1987
  • Academic and professional work history

    Administrative experience

    • July 2015 to June 2017: Program Director, Political Science/Community Development and Policy Studies, Faculty of Social Science and Humanities (FSSH), UOIT

    Teaching experience

    July 2018 to present

    Associate Professor, FSSH, UOIT

    July 2012 to June 2018: 

    Assistant Professor, FSSH, UOIT

    2010 to 2012:

    Senior Lecturer, FSSH, UOIT

    2007 to 2010:

    Lecturer, Faculty of Education (FEd), UOIT

    2005 to 2007:

    Instructor, Department of Sociology and Equity Studies in Education, OISE, U of T


    Instructor, FEd, UOIT

    2005 and 2006

    Instructor, FEd, UOIT

    2004 to 2007

    Instructor, FEd, UOIT

    2003 to 2007      

    Instructor, History Department, Trent University

    2001 to 2003 

    Instructor, Department of Sociology and Equity Studies in Education, OISE, U of T


    Instructor, Department of Theory and Policy Studies in Education, OISE, U of T

    2001 to 2003

    Tutorial Leader, History Department, Trent University

    2001 to 2002 

    Instructor, Community Training and Development Centre, Cobourg, Ontario                         

    Related experience

    2007 to 2010 

    Academic Advisor, FEd, UOIT 


    Assistant EditorMaclean’s Magazine


    Researcher, McGraw-Hill Ryerson

    1998 to 1999

    Researcher, OISE, U of T

    February to August 1998 

    Project Co-ordinator (Interim), Centre for Research on Latin America and the Caribbean (CERLAC), York University

    July to August 1997

    Project Assistant, Education Commons (Technology), OISE, U of T


    1996 to 1997

    Graduate AssistantOISE, U of T


    Research AssistantOISE, U of T

    1995 to 1996 

    Graduate AssistantOISE, U of T


    Research AssistantOISE, U of T

    1994 to 1999

    Graduate AssistantOISE, U of T

  • Awards

    2016 to 2018

    Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Partnership Development Grant, Principal Investigator, $135,794

    2016 to 2021

    SSHRC Insight Grant, Co-investigator, $169,389

    2014 to 2015 

    UOIT SSHRC Small Research Grant Program, Principal Investigator, $2,908

    2014 to 2015

    Teaching Innovation Fund Award, Principal Investigator, $17,222

    2013 to 2015

    SSHRC Insight Development Grant, Co-investigator, $50,926

    2009 to 2010

    Teaching Innovation Fund Award, Principal Investigator, $7,500


    Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) Professional Development Grant, $1,000, Trent University

    2003 to 2004

    Academic Innovation Fund Grant, $4,735, Trent University

  • Contributions to student training

    Undergraduate honours theses supervised:

    • Dunn, A. (2015). Replacing the Gardiner: Walkability’s Importance in an Unexpected Place. [Currently working to develop this thesis into a publishable article.]
    • McKenzie, S. (2013). UOIT in the News: Examining the institutional and geographical contexts surrounding the institution’s inception. [We developed the material from the thesis into a publishable article, which was published by the Canadian Journal of Higher Education in 2016.]

    Independent Study Course Projects

    • Nieto, Israel Guzman. (Fall 2016). Policies against sexual violence and sexual harassment: History and current policy implementation
    • O’Neill, Carolyn. (Fall 2016). Challenging the culture of the hypersexualization of women: How the sexual health and media literacy education curricula in the Ontario secondary school system become ineffective curricular add-ons

    Student research award supervisions (undergraduate summer research awards):

    • Jackson, D. (2017). Project: Tools for Success: Helping Students Achieve and Succeed
    • McKenzie, S. (2010). Project: Voices of UOIT (won Student Research Showcase Award for her poster on her research).
    • McKenzie, S. (2011). Project: Voices of UOIT (won Student Research Showcase Award for her poster on her research).
    • McKenzie, S. (2012). Project: UOIT in the News (won Student Research Showcase Award for her poster on her research). 

    University Works Program supervisions:

    • Naqvi, A. (summer 2017). Project: Developing a gender and sexuality resource centre on campus
    • Doung, N. (summer 2016, fall-winter 2016-17). Various on-going projects
    • Theophille, V. (summer 2015, Fall/winter 2015-16). Project: Academic Integrity
    • Zidenberg, A. (2014-15). Project: Minority Student Persistence
    • Sayin, M. (2014-15). Project: Academic Integrity
    • Shortt, D. (summer 2014). Project: Academic Integrity
    • Nagy, A. (summer 2013, 2013-14). Projects: Ontario Shores Supported Education Program and Minority Student Persistence
    • Wallace, J. (2009-10, summer 2010, 2010-11, summer 2011, 2011-12, summer 2012, 2012-13). Project: Various projects, but mainly Voices @ UOIT project.
    • Sohail, H. (2008-09, summer 2009, 2009-10). Project: Online Writing Lab (

    Funded research assistantship supervisions

    • Doung, N. (summer 2017; 2018). Project: Diversities of resilience: understanding the strategies for success used by underrepresented students in Canadian universities
    • Rambajue, R. (2016-18). Project: Diversities of resilience: understanding the strategies for success used by underrepresented students in Canadian universities
    • Pascoe, K. (2014-15). Project: Academic Integrity
    • Jaber, H. (Fall 2014). Project: Minority Student Persistence
  • Service and administrative positions

    University service

    2016 to June 2018

    Chair, Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (Faculty of Social Science and Humanities (FSSH))

    2014 to 2015 

    Member, Student Retention and Success Committee (university)


    Adjudicator, Teaching Awards (university)

    2014 to 2015

    Member, Student Retention and Success Committee (university)

    2014 to June 2018

    Member, Student Retention (FSSH)

    2014 to June 2017

    Member, Student Recruitment (FSSH)

    2014 to 2015

    Member, Information, Research and Reporting Task Force (IRRTF) (university)

    2013 to 2016

    Chair, Academic Integrity Committee (FSSH) 

    2013 to June 2017

    Member, FSSH Governance Review Committee

    2012 to June 2017

    Member, Rotary Student Enhancement Fund (FSSH) 

    2009 to June 2017

    Member, Sessional Instructors Committee (FSSH) 

    2007 to June 2018

    Participant/Liaison, Accreditation of Engineering Programs (university) 


    Course Developer, COMM1310 online course for new BA in Adult Education

    2009 to 2013

    Member, Academic Misconduct Committee (FSSH) 

    2011 to 2013

    Member, Minority Student Retention Committee (FSSH)

    2010 to 2012

    Member, Online Courses Committee (FSSH) 

    2009 to 2011

    Member, Teaching Assistant Committee (FSSH) 

    2008 to 2011

    Member, Research Ethics Board, UOIT

    2009 to 2010

    Member, Strategic Enrolment Management Committee (university) 

    2007 to 2010

    Member, Academic Advisors’ Committee 


    Member, Transfer Credit Review Committee (university) 


    Member, Deferred Exam Review Committee (university) 


    Co-ordinator, writing modules, 


    Interviewee, 'Teaching with Laptops' video 

    2008 to 2009

    Member, Curriculum Committee (Faculty of Education (FEd))

    2007 to 2009

    Co-Chair, Concurrent Education Committee (FEd) 

    2007 to 2008

    Member, Practicum Committee (FEd) 

    2007 to 2009

    Member, International Projects Committee (FEd)  

    2007 to 2008

    Course Developer, EDUC1470 Online Course Pilot Project, UOIT

    Professional service


    Co-organized one-day conference: Women and ‘Booze’: pubs, prohibition, and temperance/Les femmes et la boisson: les brasseries, la prohibition et la temperance. Ontario Women’s History Network Annual Conference. Upper Canada Village, Toronto, Ontario (May 7).


    Organized and chaired panel: What does it take? The Persistence of At-Risk Students in Post- Secondary Institutions. Annual meeting of the Canadian Society for the Study of Higher Education, Brock University, St. Catharines, Ontario (May 24).


    Organized and chaired roundtable: Encounters in women’s history: the influence of Alison Prentice on women’s history, feminist scholars and education. Berkshire Conference of Women Historians, University of Toronto, Ontario (May 23).


    Local Organizer, Women’s History Walking Tour, Berkshire Conference of Women Historians, Toronto, Ontario (May 22).

    2013 to present

    Past President, Ontario Women’s History Network

    2011 to 2013

    President, Ontario Women’s History Network

    2010 to 2011

    Vice-President, Ontario Women’s History Network

    2008 to 2010
    and 2015 to 2016


    Director-at-large, Ontario Women’s History Network


    Peer Reviewer, The History Teacher


    Peer Reviewer, Canadian Journal of Higher Education


    Peer Reviewer, Ontario History


    Peer Reviewer, Literary Journalism Studies

    2011 to 2012

    Peer Reviewer, Diaspora, Indigenous, and Minority Education

    2008 to 2009

    Peer Reviewer, History of Intellectual Culture


    Peer Reviewer, Historical Studies in Education

    1997 to 2001

    Peer Reviewer, Trans/forms

    1996 to 1999

    Secretary, Ontario Women's History Network

    1995 to 1999
    and 2008 to 2016

    Editor, Ontario Women's History Network Newsletter

    1995 to 1996

    Director-at-Large, Ontario Women's History Network


    Planning Committee, Canadian History of Education Association Conference, Toronto, Ontario

    1995 to 1996

    Treasurer, History and Philosophy Graduate Students' Association, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE)

    1994 to 1995

    President, History and Philosophy Graduate Students' Association, OISE

    1994 to 1996

    Co-Chair, Guest Speaker Committee, Department of History and Philosophy, OISE

    1989 to 1992

    Peer Counsellor and Administrative Co-ordinator, Sexual Education and Peer Counselling Centre, University of Toronto

    Community service

    2012 to 2014

    Academic Associate, Community-University Link Unit (CLU)

    2009 to 2011

    Founding Member, organizing committee, Shining Stars, Cobourg, Ontario

    2006 to 2009

    Co-Chair, Cook's School Daycare, Cobourg, Ontario

    2004 to 2006

    Board Member, Cook's School Daycare, Cobourg, Ontario