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Brad Galloway, Coordinator

BradBrad Galloway became the Coordinator at the Centre on Hate, Bias and Extremism in September of 2020. Brad brings a wealth of experience from his work in the countering and preventing violent extremism and terrorism space, and his more recent work in intervention and case management with NGO's such as Life After Hate. He conducts consultancy work centred around the Evolve program at the Organization for the Prevention of Violence (OPV). He also worked as a Research Assistant on a number of projects that are currently funded by Public Safety Canada and the Canadian Network for Research on Terrorism, Security and Society (TSAS). Moreover, Brad has served as a consultant for Google, Moonshot CVE, and the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD), among others. His primary research interests include right-wing extremism and terrorism, preventing and countering violent extremism, and the roles of former extremists in combating violent extremism.

This position was made possible by the Centre on Hate, Bias and Extremism's recent partnership with Meta Canada.