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Plenary Video Archives

Contours of Online Hate

February 7, 2022 

Panelists contextualize the history of media disinformation, contemporary right-wing extremist uses of the internet, and the political economy of the internet and online hate speech moderation.

Welcome from Dr. Barbara Perry and Erin Taylor 
Disinformation - It's History | Heidi Tworek
Right-Wing Extremists' Use of the Internet | Ryan Scrivens
How GAFAM Got Into Hate Content Moderation | Tanner Mirrlees
Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism  |  Erin Saltman
Contours of Online Hate - Q&A Session

Civil Society Responses

February 8, 2022

Panelists discuss new and emerging community initiatives to counter the spread of online hate.

Yorktown Family Services | David O'Brian
Adult Education, Just Ire, and Hate Speech | Robert McGray
Digital Anti-Racism Project | Nuzhat Jafri
Project Someone | Vivek Venkatesh
Hope Not Hate | Gregory Davis
Civil Society Response -  Q&A Session

Big Tech: Managing the Message

February 9, 2022

Panelists discuss the actions that Internet and platform corporations are taking to counter online hate and assess the opportunities and challenges surrounding attempts to manage hateful online content.

TikTok Content Moderation | Alexander Corbeil
Facebook Content Moderation | Dina Hussein
A Critique of Social Media Platform Status Quo Plus | Natasha Tusikov
Big Tech: Managing the Message - Q&A Session

Governing Online Hate Public Policy Responses

February 10, 2022

Panelists discuss the role that government legislation, policy and regulation can play in countering online hate and probe the possibilities and limits of current initiatives to govern online hate.

  • Pierre-Marc Perreault, a/Director - Directeur p.i., Digital Citizen Initiative,Department of Canadian Heritage
  • Alexander Schaefer, German Federal Ministry of Justice
  • David Reid, Policy Advisory Group/National Security Group Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet
  • Sharri Clark,Senior Advisor for Cyber & CVE, Bureau of Counterterrorism (CT), U.S. Department of State
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