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Hating on Social Media Symposium

Ontario Tech’s Centre on Hate, Bias and Extremism, in association with Meta Canada, hosted a multi-day, live and asynchronous online symposium to explore online hate, with presentations from speakers representing wide geographic areas and varied disciplines.

While social media platforms allow participants to share content and express opinions, the open forum also provides a space for extremist individuals and groups to produce and impart hateful content.

Proposed solutions to combat the climate of hate and fear online vary in scope and efficacy. Governments are enacting new laws, regulations and policies for governing social media platforms. Social media corporations implement community guidelines and user agreements, content moderators, and artificial intelligence to counter hateful content. Some researchers propose digital literacy projects and new educational initiatives, and activists are developing creative tactics and practices in response to online hate.

View the session recordings from each day of the live event and access the asychronous content in the video archives

Contours of Online Hate

Recording - Contours of Online Hate

Civil Society Responses

Recording - Civil Society Responses

Big Tech: Managing the Message

Recording - Big Tech: Managing the Message

Governing Online Hate

Recording - Governing Online Hate