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Overheated: The Far-Right, Climate Change Disinformation & The Culture Wars

Overheated: The Far Right, Climate Change Disinformation and Culture Wars, with Jennie King.
April 4, 4:00-5:30pm (online)
Join us for a CHBE Webinar with Jennie King on the far-right, climate change disinformation and the culture wars. Right-wing extremists have long stoked fear of immigrants, multiculturalism and so-called “political correctness.” But over the past few years, they have turned attention online to the alleged threat of the green agenda – with an eye to discrediting COP-26 and COP-27. In this Webinar, Jennie King examines right-wing extremism’s tactics of climate change denial, deception and delay, and outlines a roadmap for countering the anti-environmental front in the culture wars.
Jennie King is Head of Climate Research and Policy, leading efforts to translate ISD's digital research into frontline programming and response. Through ISD, she helped found Climate Action Against Disinformation (CAAD), a coalition of over 50 organisations working to identify, analyse and counter this issue worldwide. She has spearheaded investigations on climate denialism and 'discourses of delay' in contexts including Australia, Canada, Central Europe, Germany, South Africa, the US and UK, and co-authored a number of ISD's flagship reports on this issue, such as 'Climate Lockdown' and the Culture Wars: How COVID-19 Sparked a New Narrative Against Climate Action' and ‘Deny, Deceive, Delay Volume 2: Exposing New Trends in Climate Mis- and Disinformation at COP27.' Jennie also designed and runs the COP Intelligence Units on behalf of CAAD, leading over 15 partners to produce real-time monitoring of mis- and disinformation around the climate summit. Until January 2023, Jennie also served as Head of Education and Civic Action at ISD, co-authoring the 'Be Internet Citizens' curriculum and regularly briefing government departments, regulators and multilateral bodies on approaches to media literacy. Her writing and commentary has been featured across broadcast and print media, including the BBC, The Guardian, The Times, Channel 4 News, The Washington Post, Yomiuri Shimbun and NPR. She previously served as MENA Regional Director Arts, Assistant Country Director Egypt and Country Director Hungary for the BRitish Council, the UK's international body for cultural relations. She read Arabic and Spanish at Pembroke College, Cambridge, receiving a Foundation Scholarship and the Marie Shamma's Frost Prize for Oriental Studies.
Organized by the Centre on Hate, Bias and Extremism. Co-sponsored by Climate Commons.
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