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Headshot of Lindsay C. Malloy

Lindsay C. Malloy, PhD

Associate Professor
  • Disclosure of children's traumatic experiences
  • Children's memory
  • Juvenile witnesses

Kimberley Clow

Kimberley Clow, PhD

  • Stigma of false confessions
  • Stereotypes and prejudice
  • Wrongful conviction

Headshot of Joseph Eastwood

Joseph Eastwood, PhD

Associate Professor
  • Investigative interviewing
  • Alibis
  • Comprehension of legal rights

Headshot of Karla Emeno

Karla Emeno, PhD

Associate Professor
  • Geographic profiling
  • Police recruitment
  • Crime mapping
  • Police use of body worn cameras

Photo of Dr. Logan Ewanation

Logan Ewanation, PhD

Assistant Professor
  • Juror decision-making
  • Racial bias
  • Perceptions of police

Headshot of Leigh Harkins

Leigh Harkins, PhD

  • Aggression in groups
  • Offender rehabilitation
  • Sexual aggression

Tanya Karam-Zanders, PhD

Associate Teaching Professor
  • cognitive psychology
  • human memory
  • emotionality and memory
  • meta-cognition and person memory

Headshot of Amy Leach

Amy Leach, PhD

  • Lie detection
  • Confessions and interrogations
  • Eyewitness memory
  • Wrongful conviction

Matthew Shane

Matthew Shane, PhD

Associate Professor
  • Psychopathic behaviour
  • Substance abuse
  • Neuroscience of empathy
  • Brain differences

Headshot of Shannon Vettor

Shannon Vettor, PhD

Associate Teaching Professor
  • Offender profiling
  • Sexual aggression
  • Sexual victimization