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CDMS careers: Everywhere, in every organization

The Communication and Digital Media Studies (CDMS) program is a pathway to countless careers in our 21st-century technological society.

In our digital society, every organization engages in purposeful communication and relies upon communication and digital media professionals to get their message out using a mix of traditional media and new media. Communication and digital media skills are key to countless careers, and new communications jobs are created each and every day, in every industry and every sector. CDMS graduates jump into the communications and digital media environment and land meaningful careers. They go on to work as communications officers, social media specialists, public relations officials, advertising experts, content creators and digital media storytellers for all kinds of organizations such as media companies, banks, retail outlets, charities, hospitals, schools, community groups, and many more. Whether working among industry leaders, public sector officials, creatives or social justice advocates, our CDMS alumni are at the forefront of technological and social change.

Our Career Readiness team offers CDMS students a range of events, internship and co-op opportunities, and one-on-one support to guide students in their career preparation and exploration.