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Online Creators: Digital Entrepreneurship, Work and Society Minor

What is Online Creators: Digital Entrepreneurship, Work and Society?

Across the global Internet, more than 300 million people are currently striving to do what they love and make a living. They are designing, producing, publishing and promoting digital media content to reach and resonate with an audience and have a social impact. From “getting entrepreneurial” by launching new online publications, podcasts and YouTube channels, to freelancing as a social media influencer for the world’s major brands to serving as a cultural producer for activist movements on Twitter, Instagram or Twitch, online creators are significant to society. Creators represent all those who “use digital technology to make and publish unique creative content, whether in the form of video, film, art, music, design, text, games, or any other media that audiences can access and respond to.” The minor in Online Creators: Digital Entrepreneurship, Work and Society explores how online creators are re-imagining markets, politics, technologies and cultures, developing new strategies and tactics for creating and communicating ideas about the world (and getting paid), and experiencing all kinds of opportunities and challenges related to the dynamics, problems and changes of modern society. The minor consists of 7 courses (21 credit hours) and is available to all students in any major program in any faculty at Ontario Tech University.* 

To earn this minor, complete: 

All of:

COMM 1420U – Living Digitally: Social Media, Culture & Society
SSCI 2101U – Making a Difference: An Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship
COMM 4261U – Online Creator-Entrepreneurs: YouTubers, Influencers, and Streamers
COMM 3410U – Designing Hits: Storytelling in the Digital Age
COMM 3510U – Work in the Creative and Tech Industries
COMM 3720U - Knowing Your Audience: Audience Studies for Media Professionals and Creators


1 of:

COMM 1320U – Public Speaking and Multimedia Presentation for Web 3.0
COMM 2530U – Advertising as Social Communication
COMM 4510U – Public Relations: Social Power, Social Media, and Social Responsibility

*please note, the courses linked to this minor are subject to change in the future, and scheduling availability.