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Creative Industries and Popular Culture Minor

What is the Creative Industries and Popular Culture minor?

Creativity is the engine of global popular culture, and core to the workings of major global industries that are shaped by national laws, politics and policies and integrated with our whole way of life. From Hollywood franchises and hit TV series to the works of online content creators, video game makers and social media influencers, creativity is all around us, and every day, billions of people worldwide are immersed in popular culture. The minor in Creative Industries and Popular Culture focuses on the drivers, roles, uses, goals, and impacts of all kinds of creative and popular cultural forms, messages and images in relation to the dynamics, problems and changes of modern society. The minor consists of 7 courses (21 credit hours), 3 required and 4 optional. The minor is available to all students in any major program in any faculty at Ontario Tech University. *

To earn this minor, complete:

All of:

COMM 1420U – Living Digitally: Social Media, Culture & Society
COMM 2311U – The Creative Industries: Ideas, Art, Tech, Money, Power
COMM 2220U – The Media, Creativity and Culture in Canada
COMM 3250U – Pop Culture and Entertainment


3 of:

COMM 2270U – Entertainment Goes Global: From Hollywood to the World
COMM 2240U - Television
COMM 3740U – Video Games, Media and Culture
COMM 2411U – Governing Communication and Creativity: Policy for an era of Digital Disruption
COMM 3510U – Work in the Creative and Tech Industries
COMM 3720U - Knowing Your Audience: Audience Studies for Media Professionals and Creators
COMM 4140U – Ways of Seeing: Visual Communication Arts and New Media

*please note, the courses linked to this minor are subject to change in the future, and scheduling availability.