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Digital Media Politics & Policy Minor

What is Digital Media Politics & Policy?

Every day, governments, parties, politicians, advocacy groups, activist movements, and citizens use the digital media to try to set political agendas and win the attention, donations, ideological support, and votes of large numbers of people. At the same time, the digital industries, communications infrastructures and social media platforms we all rely upon to communicate our politics and participate in the battle of ideas, are shaped by media laws, policies and regulations. The minor in Digital Media Politics & Policy** consists of 7 courses (21 credit hours). Students learn the foundations of political science, strategic communications, political communications and communications policy, and related topics of interest.  The minor is available to all students in any major program in any faculty at Ontario Tech University.* 

To earn this minor, complete:

All 4:

POSC 1000U – Introduction to Political Science
COMM 3610U – Strategic Communications for Influence: Rhetoric, Persuasion and Propaganda
COMM 4420U – Political Communication, Digital Media and Democracy
COMM 2411U – Governing Communication and Creativity: Policy for an era of Digital Disruption


3 of:

COMM 3310U – Communication for Social Change, Communities and Development
COMM 3350U – Environmental Communication: Media and Tech for Sustainability
COMM 3710U – Media, Identity and Intercultural Communication
COMM/ POL 3751 Media, War and Conflict
COMM 4510U – Public Relations: Social Power, Social Media, and Social Responsibility
COMM 4530U - Media Activism and Protest Cultures
COMM 4610U – The Struggle is Real: Transformation for Communication, Conflict, and Peace
COMM 4120U - AI, Ethics and Communication
COMM 4710U – Global Media, the Internet and International Relations

*please note, the courses linked to this minor are subject to change in the future, and scheduling availability.