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About our program

  • What is the program focus?

    In our Political Science program, you can explore how to understand and reimagine the world. Join us to expand your Child holding a small globeknowledge and develop your critical thinking to become an agent for change. Our program emphasizes the politics and policies needed for creating sustainable development in Canada and around the world.

    Beyond introducing you to the key theories and methodologies found in the discipline of political science, the program draws on faculty strengths in sociology, public policy, history, geography, philosophy, legal studies and economics to give you an integrated multidisciplinary background.

  • What will I study?

    The program is structured around 15 core Political Science courses. Most of the courses offered are organized around three areas: development and social justice, political studies, and public policy. You can choose to take courses from any of the areas or may choose to structure your coursework to emphasize one of the areas. Two specializations are available: 

    • Social Justice, Globalization and Development
    • Political Communication

    In addition, you may choose to undertake a double major or a minor in any of the Social Science and Humanities programs.

  • Why our University?
    Located in a medium-sized city at the rural-urban fringe of the Greater Toronto Area, our Political Science program provides opportunities for you to explore social justice issues important to the development of sustainable politics and policies. In your upper-years of study, you will have the opportunity to take part in practicum placements in local and regional organizations, and high-achieving students may complete an honours thesis.
  • Careers

    You can develop the skills and knowledge required for careers in:

    • community organizing and outreach
    • corporate social responsibility
    • environmental policy
    • foreign service and diplomacy
    • government and public service
    • human rights and humanitarian aid
    • international development
    • law
    • non-profit administration
    • social policy
    • sustainable community development