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About our program


Political Science is an excellent pathway for students interested in pursuing careers in law, business, teaching, public policy, and community development. Political Science students build a deep understanding of political systems, social relations, law, and the economy while developing advanced writing, critical thinking, data analysis, policy analysis, and communication skills.

The Political Science Program at Ontario Tech University is home to award-winning faculty who conduct leading-edge research and publish in top academic journals. We offer fascinating and rewarding courses where students develop the analytical thinking, problem solving and communication skills that employers demand. We also support our students with a range of internship and experiential learning opportunities that prepare graduates for an assortment of meaningful careers. Many of our students attend law school upon graduation or pursue advanced degrees in political science or a related field.

  • Careers

    Graduates will be prepared for a wide variety of meaningful careers in areas such as:

    • Business management
    • Communication
    • Community organizing and outreach
    • Consulting
    • Foreign service and diplomacy
    • Journalism
    • Law
    • Policing
    • Public policy and administration
  • What will I study?

    The program is structured around 15 core Political Science courses, developed around a number of interconnected learning themes:

    • Social Justice and Democracy
    • Public Policy and the Law
    • Business and the Economy
    • Environmental Sustainability
    • International and Community Development

  • Why Political Science at Ontario Tech?
    Located in the Greater Toronto Area, our Political Science program provides opportunities for you to explore social justice issues important to the development of sustainable politics and policies. In your upper-years of study, you will have the opportunity to take part in practicum or internship placements and develop public policy solutions to real-world problems through innovative experiential learning programs that bring the classroom to the community. High-achieving students can also complete an honours thesis. Many of our students attend top law schools upon graduation or pursue advanced degrees in political science or a related field.