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Headshot of Shanti Fernando

Shanti Fernando

Associate Professor

Undergraduate Program Director

Faculty of Social Science and Humanities

Contact information

Bordessa Hall - Room 509
Downtown Oshawa
55 Bond Street East
Oshawa, ON

905.721.8668 ext. 3809

Research topics

  • Adult education
  • Mental Health Advocacy
  • Community development policy
  • Community organizations
  • Canadian anti-poverty policy
  • racialized minorities and advocacy research

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Researcher Profile

Research and expertise

  • Anti-poverty activism
  • Anti-racism
  • Mental health policy
  • Community group activism
  • Urban and rural development
  • Education policy
  • Equity policy
  • Immigration policy
  • Labour market integration
  • Political economy

Increasing literacies through supported education and policies of inclusion (SSHRC Insight Grant: $169,389)

  • Project will examine supported education programs for adults at psychiatric hospitals across Canada.
  • Dr. Shanti Fernando (PI); Ontario Tech Co-Investigators Dr. Alyson King; Dr. Allyson Eamer; Dr. Tyler Frederick; Dr. Laura Pinto; Collaborators: John Rodnick- Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care; Kathryn Kunkel Selkirk Mental Health Centre. 
  • five years (2016-2021)

Supported Literacy Education for Persons Living with Mental Illness: Exploring Economic and Social Implications (SSHRC Insight Development Grant: $50,926)

  • Case study of the Supported Education Program at Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences, in Whitby, Ontario, to understand the social, economic and political implications of low literacy skills for people living with mental illness.
  • Dr. Shanti Fernando (PI); co-investigators: Drs. Alyson E. King, Allyson Eamer, Wendy Stanyon, Ontario Tech. Collaborator: Ms. Wanda Huntington, Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences.
  • two years (2013-2015)