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Global Studies minor

The Global Studies minor offers students an opportunity to examine political, ecological, economic, cultural, and social issues of a global scope. The minor draws on political science theories and methodologies as well as a range of other disciplinary perspectives in providing a deep examination of major events and processes across the globe. Students will study trends in international development, democratic governance, international criminal justice, international law, and economic globalization and inequality. In addition, the minor focuses on climate change and biodiversity loss as well as the impact of new telecommunication technologies. As part of their course requirements, students will also be asked to consider and develop sustainable solutions to urgent international problems.

The Global Studies minor is available to all students outside of the POSC major in any program at the university. The minor consists of seven courses or 21 credit hours, including four mandatory courses and three elective courses chosen from the list below. A cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 in minor courses is required to successfully complete the minor.

Core Courses:

POSC 1000U - Introduction to Political Science
POSC 1200U - Introduction to Democracy in Theory and in Practice
POSC 2100U - Global Politics
POSC 4000U - International Politics and Policy

Three of:

COMM 2270U - Entertainment Goes Global
LGLS 2120U - International Law
COMM 3510U - Work in the Digital Age
CRMN 3045U - Terrorism
HLSC 4803U - Global Health
LGLS 3230U - Law and Globalization
POSC 3100U - Political Economy of Global Development
POSC 3101U - Inequality, Environment and Development
POSC 3302U - Environment and Globalization
POSC 3303U - Policies for Sustainability
POSC 3602U - Labour in the Global Economy
POSC 3751U - Media, War and Conflict
COMM 4420U - Digital Media, Politics and Democracy
COMM 4710U - International Communication

NOTE: No more than six credit hours (two courses) can be double counted with the student’s major or minor program. It is the student’s responsibility to check carefully for prerequisites, co-requisites and enrollment restrictions. Students should note that not all courses listed are available each year and all courses have enrollment capacities. Students are strongly encouraged to seek guidance from their Faculty Advisor or the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities to ensure they are meeting all enrollment requirements.

For more information, please visit the Academic Calendar or contact the Political Science Program director: