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Criminology Talks

Below are some of the talks that have been organized or hosted by our Criminology and Justice faculty. 

Examining and Comparing the Methods and Motivations of Cybercriminals

Thomas Holt, PhD, Professor, School of Criminal Justice at Michigan State University

Trump, Technology and the Far Right: Tactics for Challenging Right-Wing Extremism in Canada

Brad J. Galloway, Tanner Mirrlees, PhD and Barbara Perry, PhD

Can We Expect Behaviour Change? Considerations on Police Training Evaluation

Chris Giacomantonio, PhD, Research Coordinator, Halifax Regional Police

Lessons Learned from Evaluating Correctional Programs

Edward J. Latessa, PhD, Director and Professor, School of Criminal Justice at the University of Cincinnati

Challenges, Resilience, and the Foundations of Wellness in Indigenous Children and Youth

Christopher Mushquash, PhD, Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Mental Health and Addiction, Lakehead University

Why Chopsticks? Their Culture, History and Sphere

Edward Wang, PhD, Professor of History, Rowan University

In celebration of Black History Month: George Elliott Clarke

Canada's Parliamentary Poet Laureate

Lisa Freeman: She Won't Be Silenced

Lisa Monchalin: The Colonial Problem Book Tour

An Indigenous perspective on crime and injustice in Canada

Engage Public Lecture Series: Legislating Sex Work in Canada

Reproducing the National, Racial, and Sexual Priorities of the State through Anti-Trafficking Discourses