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Dr. Shahid Alvi's profile photo

Shahid Alvi, PhD

  • Hate crime
  • Social exclusion
  • Violence against immigrant women
  • Youth crime
  • Left realism
  • Technology and education
  • Theoretical Criminology
  • Political Economy of Crime

Liqun Cao's headshot

Liqun Cao, PhD

  • Comparative studies
  • Criminological theory
  • Gun ownership
  • Policing

Carla Cesaroni, PhD

  • Adjustment of individuals to incarceration
  • Role of punishment in the public sphere
  • Corrections/penology
  • Youth justice

Wesley Crichlow, Associate Dean, Equity Chair or President's Equity Taskforce.

Wesley Crichlow, PhD

  • Black LGBTQ criminology reentry
  • Black gender and Caribbean masculinities
  • Critical equity and diversity studies
  • Critical race theory
  • #BlackLivesMatter race and criminal injustice
  • Anti-black racism and decolonization
  • Alternative criminal justice rehabilitation

Headshot of Dr. Karla Dhungana-Sainju

Karla Dhungana-Sainju, PhD

Associate Professor
  • Corrections and sentencing
  • Mass incarceration and correctional control
  • Prisoner re-entry
  • Gender and crime
  • Women’s imprisonment
  • Electronic monitoring of offenders
  • Traditional and cyber bullying
  • Prisoner re-entry
  • Policy evaluations

Dr. Steven Downing's profile photo

Steven Downing, PhD

Associate Professor
  • Criminal and deviant subcultures
  • Sociological theories of crime
  • Theories of justice

Tyler Frederick.

Tyler Frederick, PhD

Associate Professor
  • Community experiences of people with psychiatric disabilities
  • Mental health
  • Street life and subsistence choices
  • The experiences of LGBTQ homeless young people
  • Youth crime
  • Youth homelessness

Jordan Harel's headshot

Jordan Harel, PhD

Associate Teaching Professor
  • Corporate crime
  • Financial crime
  • Organizational and occupational deviance/crime
  • White-collar crime

Steven Hayle, PhD

Associate Teaching Professor

Ronald Hinch's headshot

Ronald Hinch, PhD

Professor Emeritus
  • Policing of violent crime
  • Criminological theory
  • Food crime
  • Green criminology
  • Policing violent crime
  • Serial murder

This is a picture of Dr. Olga Marques, Criminology and Justice, Faculty of Social Science and Humanities, Ontario Tech University.

Olga Marques, PhD

Associate Professor
  • Sexuality, sex, and sexual deviance
  • pornography and Sex Work
  • Carceral Experiences
  • Indigenous criminology
  • Media representations of offenders and victims
  • Convict Criminology and Thug Criminology

Amir Mostaghim, PhD

Associate Teaching Professor
  • Consumption
  • Drugs
  • Gender
  • Identity Development
  • Post-modern theory
  • Race
  • Youth Subculture

Christopher O'Connor's headshot

Christopher O'Connor, PhD

Associate Professor
  • Youth crime, truancy, and school-to-work transitions
  • Auto theft, technology and crime
  • Citizen attitudes toward the police
  • Energy security, oil, crime and boomtowns
  • Citizenship and youth councils

Barbara Perry's headshot

Barbara Perry, PhD

  • Hate Crime
  • Policing diversity
  • First Nations and justice
  • Incarceration
  • Race and justice
  • Sexualities and justice
  • Terrorism/extremism

Kanika Samuels Wortley

Kanika Samuels Wortley, PhD

Associate Professor
  • Race, racism and the criminal justice system
  • Critical race theory
  • Predictive AI technologies within criminal justice processes

Hannah Scott's headshot

Hannah Scott, PhD

  • Homelessness
  • Victimology, victims of crime vulnerable populations
  • Homicide studies
  • Serial and mass murder
  • Gender differences in criminal behaviour
  • Evaluation research
  • Canadian drug courts and other diversion program evaluation

Phillip Shon, PhD

  • Parricide
  • Intrafamily homicide
  • Individual psychology and criminology

This is a picture of Vivian S.

Vivian Stamatopoulos, PhD

Associate Teaching Professor
  • Child and youth-based caregiving
  • young carers

This is a picture of Vivian S.

Arshia U. Zaidi, PhD

Associate Professor
  • Intimate partner violence survivors (IPV)
  • Issues of immigration, assimilation, acculturation
  • Race, gender, sexuality and family generational issues
  • Survivors of elderly abuse
  • Power of information communication technology/social media in IPV and immigrant youth
  • Methodological issues in the field (insider/outsider: community partnerships)

James Walsh's headshot

James Walsh, PhD

Associate Professor
  • Surveillance, security and social control
  • Borders, mobility and migration
  • Policing
  • Law and society
  • Crime and media