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We Believe Survivors Expert Panel (Abridged)

Published June 5, 2018, by Jen Rinaldi, Ph.D.

The university's We Believe Survivors coalition hosted a public panel, Sexual Violence on Campus: Designing and Enforcing Effective Policy. The panel took place on March 15, 2018, at the university's downtown Oshawa location.

This panel was an opportunity for our campus community to learn from and network with advocates doing work at universities across Ontario to end rape culture and to improve sexual violence policy.

Content warning: This video engages with themes of sexual violence.

Panelists included: Taylor Berzins of Advocates for a Student Culture of Consent; Tamsyn Riddle, Mira El Hussein, and Jassie Justice of Silence is Violence—University of Toronto Chapter; Emily Rosser of the Bystander Initiative; and Caitlin Salvino, National Chair of Our Turn.