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Information Law minor

What is an Information Law minor?

Changing technology has brought about new challenges to the legal and social control systems in modern society. In the Information Law specialization you will examine a variety of emerging sociolegal issues that have resulted from rapid technological development, including law and technology, intellectual property, cybercrimes, privacy laws and economic espionage.

This minor consists of six courses or 18 credit hours. Students should be aware of course prerequisites needed to pursue this minor. A cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 in the minor courses is required to successfully complete this minor.

What courses will I take?

To obtain a minor in Information Law, students must complete the following courses:

COMM 2411U – Digital Media Policy
LGLS 2500U – Information and Privacy Law
LGLS 2940U – Legal Research Methods
LGLS 3520U – Law and Technology

Two of:

CRMN 4021U – Cybercrime
LGLS 3510U – Censorship and Freedom of Expression
LGLS 3530U – Intellectual Property