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Human Rights Law minor

What is a Human Rights Law minor?

One of the major components of Canadian and international law is human rights. This specialization will teach students the complex relationship between the laws, rights and the state, while being exposed to Canadian and human rights discourses and instruments.

This minor consists of six courses or 18 credit hours. Students should be aware of course prerequisites needed to pursue this minor. A cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 in the minor courses is required to successfully complete this minor.

What courses will I take?

To obtain a minor in Human Rights Law, students must complete the following courses:

CRMN 2050U – Rights and Wrongs in the Justice System
LGLS 2120U – International Law
LGLS 2420U – Canadian Human Rights Law
LGLS 2940U – Legal Research Methods

One of:

LGLS 3300U – Disability and the Law or
LGLS 3310U – Indigenous Peoples, Law and the State in Canada or
LGLS 3320U – Race, Ethnicity and the Law or
LGLS 3330U – Gender, Sexuality and the Law

One of:

LGLS 3430U – International Human Rights or
LGLS 2011U – Immigration and Refugee Law