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Alternative Dispute Resolution minor

What is the Alternative Dispute Resolution minor?

Alternative dispute resolution typically includes arbitration, mediation, early neutral evaluation, and conciliation and sentencing circles. It also offers a less-expensive and faster alternative to settling disputes and disagreements. In this specialization students will learn about the increasing importance placed on alternative ways of solving disputes outside the courtroom.

This minor consists of six courses or 18 credit hours. Students should be aware of course prerequisites needed to pursue this minor. A cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 in the minor courses is required to successfully complete this minor.

What courses will I take?

To obtain a minor in Alternative Dispute Resolution, students must complete the following courses:

One other LGLS course at the 3000-level
LGLS 2940U – Legal Research Methods

Two ADR clusters (12 credit hours):

a) LGLS 3410U – Labour and Employment Law and LGLS 3610U – Employment and Mediation
b) LGLS 3130U – Family Law and LGLS 3600U
c) LGLS 2420U – Canadian Human Rights Law and LGLS 3620U – Human Rights Mediation
d) CRMN 2010U – Criminal Law and CRMN 4032U – Mediation and Conflict Resolution