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Downtown Oshawa - something for everyone

The City of Oshawa is the largest municipality in Durham Region and remains one of the fastest growing communities in Canada. In Maclean's Best Communities in Canada 2021 Report, Oshawa was ranked #1.  Highlights included excellent amenities with a wide selection of restaurants and a low crime severity index of 42 (national average was 73). 

Below is a list of stores, cafes and restaurants in downtown Oshawa (the list is not extensive and is subject to change). There is something for everyone! 

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Another Spin Records (24 Bond St. E.)

Endless possibilities (54 Simcoe St. N.)

Fashion Rebel & Let It Rock (14 King St. E.)

Florida Fades Barber Shop (offers student discount) (27 King St. E.) 

Fly By Night Movies, Games and Toys (15 Bond St. E.)



Kops Records (34 King St. E.)

Lovell Drugs (8 King St. E.)

The Bargain! Shop (16 King St. W.)

The Robert & Inkster Trading Company (12 King St. E.)

The Salvation Army Oshawa Thrift Store (45 King St. E.)



Aves Coffee Co. (9 William St. W.)

Belle Vie Cafe & Bakery (25 Simcoe St. S.) 

Berry Hill Food Co. (82 King St. W.)

Brew Wizards Board Game Cafe (74 Celina St.)

Coffee Culture Cafe & Eatery (22 King St. W.)

Cork and Bean (8 Simcoe St. N.) 

Isabella's Chocolate Cafe (2 King St. E., Charles Hall!)

Oshawa House Coffee (62 King St. W.)

Tim Hortons (211 King St. E.)

Truedan (35 King St. E.)



Avanti Trattoria (17 King St. E.)

BOND|ST (44 Bond St. E.)

Ciao Amici (8 Bond St. W.)

Church's Texas Chicken (70 King St. E.)

Crazy Jack (19 King St. W.)

Curry Club Restaurant (38 Simcoe St. N.)

Frenzy (7 Simcoe St. S.) (offers halal) 

General Pub and Grill (21 Celina St.)

Gino's Pizza (38 King St. E.)

Island Cuisine (70 King St. W.)

Kachiguda Junction (14 King St. W.)

Kenzo Ramen (24 King St. E.)

Kings Corner (81 King St. E.)

Legends of Fazio's (33 Simcoe St. S.)

Lucky Cho Restaurant (20 King St. E.)

Madrocks Bar and Grill (81 King St. E.)

Mathilda's (29 Simcoe St. S.) 


Restaurants (continued)

My Roti Place/My Dosa Place (77 King St. E.)

Osaka Sushi Restaurant (46 Simcoe St. N.)

Oshawa Thai Cuisine (24 Bond St. W.)

Philthy Philly's (36 Athol St. E.) 

Pizzamunno (35 King St. E.)

Pizza Pizza (129 King St,. E.)

Portobello Road (23 Bond St. E.)

Prospects Bar & Grill (99 Athol St. E.)

Rainbow Restaurant (82 Simcoe St. N.)

Riley's Pub (104 King St. E.)

Smoke's Poutinerie (75 King St. E.)

Street MoMo (19 Simcoe St S.)

The White Apron (10 Bond St. W.)

The Bollywood Tacos (36 Simcoe St. N.)

Uncle Fluffy's Japanese Cheesecake (17 King St. W.)

Viva Burritos (12 Centre St. N.)

Wok's up Oshawa (36 Simcoe St. N.)