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The Faculty of Social Science and Humanities Internship (SSCI 4103U) is a form of experiential learning that provides students with an opportunity to acquire workplace skills and knowledge and critically examine the relationship between work-related practices and theories while cultivating a sense of personal and professional development. The internship placement component consists of a minimum of 280 hours of work in one academic semester.

The accompanying internship course consists of ongoing online discussions and participation, reflective journals, and a final project that integrates and synthesizes students’ work experience with previous coursework and knowledge gained throughout their program of study.

See our FSSH Internship Guide 2023-2024.

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  • Gain paid work experience and apply classroom concepts in a real-world setting. 
  • Gain a broader understanding of career options and job requirements before graduation. 
  • Develop effective job search skills and a network of contacts before entering the workforce. 
  • Develop and enhance your personal and professional skills. 

To be eligible for the Internship (SSCI 4103U), students must possess a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 (B) and 84 credit hours (fourth year standing). While students are not eligible to go on work-term until they meet the eligibility requirements, they can apply to the Internship program and begin job searching in their third-year of study.

There is no formal deadline to complete and submit the Internship application form; however, students must receive faculty approval prior to pursuing/accepting an Internship opportunity and registering for the Internship course (SSCI 4103U). Students are strongly encouraged to apply to the Internship program in their third-year of study to ensure they are eligible to proceed.

Yes, students will receive course credit (three credit hours) for the successful completion of the Internship and its accompanying class.

The internship position should align with your program of study and interests or skills you are seeking to develop. In order to be successful during the interview process, the employer will be looking for a student with a strong understanding of the industry and field. As part of the Internship course, students will be required to discuss the learning outcomes from the job experience and make connections to their program of study. Therefore, the Internship position should align closely with their objectives and learning outcomes of their program.

While participating in the Internship, students may register for two additional course (six credit hours) per semester, resulting in a maximum of nine credit hours (i.e. Internship and one additional course per semester).

Students who are interested in participating in an Internship are strongly encouraged to work with the Academic Advising office to discuss how an Internship will impact their program map and/or course sequence.

Applications are submitted and processed through the Student Life Portal ( Login with your student number and MyCampus password and click on Co-op & Internship. Choose your program from the list and complete the application form. Once your application is submitted, it will be reviewed and approved by the Faculty.

The Internship course tuition fee (Ontario Tech Co-op/Intern Fee) will be noted on the tuition statement and paid in each semester that a student is registered in the Internship. For example, if a student starts an 8-month Internship contract beginning in September, the course fee would be paid in two corresponding semesters (fall and winter).

Yes, students may seek out their own Internship positions. Once the Internship application is approved, students will have access to relevant Internship postings on the Student Life Portal. Job searching via job boards, networking and contacting organizations/companies of interest is highly encouraged. If a student is sourcing their own position, the job description and/or contract must be sent to the Experiential Learning Office ( for approval. The ELO will respond to confirm if the position is suitable for Internship.

Prior to applying to the Internship program, students are highly encouraged to contact Student Awards and Financial Aid to discuss how participating in an elective Internship will impact their OSAP eligibility and funding.

Our new internship program is an experiential learning opportunity that allows students to develop workplace skills and bridge the gap between theory and practice. Internships are a proven way to apply relevant knowledge, skills and experience while establishing important connections.

Internships make students more competitive in the job market, while employers can further evaluate potential career employees within their organization. Our university recognizes the value of experiential learning and provides for-credit internships to students in their final year of study during the Fall, Winter or Spring/Summer semesters.

Benefits to your organization:
  • Partnerships: Develop strong connections with Ontario Tech faculty and students.
  • Recruitment: Gain exposure to potential future employees.
  • Fresh ideas: Student interns bring new perspectives to your organization.
  • Future success: Help shape future leaders by providing real-world experiences. 

More information

Interested in hiring an intern?

Dan Walters, Practicum and Internship Co-ordinator
905.721.8668 ext. 2981

Background Information

  • While Internship positions are only open to fourth-year students, the process of applying begins in third-year.
  • Internship is a 4th year elective course (worth 3 credit hours) offered in the Summer (following 3rd year), Fall and Winter semesters.
  • Students may only take up to two (2) additional courses while enrolled in the Internship.
  • Internship consists of the following components:
    • Field Work: Minimum of 280-hours paid/unpaid; students are hired with an employer organization that aligns with their field of study, goals, interests and skill sets.
    • Academic Course (SSCI - 4103U): standard course with mandatory assignments.

Eligibility Criteria

Students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 and fourth-year standing (84 credit hours) to be eligible to participate.  CGPA and credit hours will be checked at the time of signing up on the Internship Portal, and again when reviewing a faculty-approved Internship employment contract.

Ready to Apply?

Ongoing intake of applications. Please review the Internship Guide for the next steps on how to apply.

“My internship has impacted my life in the most positive and significant way possible. It provides you with an opportunity to test out your desired field, while also networking with individuals who can assist you with finding a career after graduation. Put yourself out there, you will not regret it! What you might regret is the missed opportunity.”

Francis White, Research Analyst, Ministry of Infrastructure (Political Science, class of 2021)

Francis was hired upon graduation.

Julia Mantler, Criminology and Justice

Summer 2021

"I was given an amazing opportunity as a Court Officer with Wellington County Ontario Provincial Police. In this role, I was able to work with other officers at the Ontario Court of Justice in Guelph, Ontario. This role gave me a chance to learn and use special software police officers use, as well as update, append warrants and release orders. I made great relationships with the other constables and sergeants in Wellington County, and hope to one day apply and become a part of the Ontario Police family."  


Gavin Hinton, Communication and Digital Media Studies

Summer 2021

"I worked with Rebound Child & Youth Services to raise funds for its mental health services and prosocial programs, which support children, youth, and families reach their full potential. I was part of a team who launched the first-ever Ride for Rebound and secured key media coverage, in outlets such as Global News and the Toronto Star, to elevate Rebound’s positive impact and growth. Since my internship, I'll be working with Rebound until my graduation in 2022!"