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Research highlights

The following is a list of funded research projects currently underway in 2019-2020

Insight Grants
Examination of Protection and Assistance Measures for Foreign Nationals Trafficked to Canada

Applicant: Sasha Baglay, PhD
Co-applicant: Idil Atak, PhD
Collaborators: James C. Brown, Varka Kalaydzhieva, PhD

The Multidimensional Development Impacts of Canadian-supported Investments and Policy Initiatives Abroad: The Case of Tourism and Charter Cities in Honduras

Applicant: Timothy MacNeill, PhD

Restructuring Work: Labour and the Organization of Global Capitalism

Applicant: Scott Aquanno, PhD
Co-applicant: Toba Bryant, PhD
Collaborator: Hilde Zitzelsberger, PhD

Using Science-Based Interviewing Techniques to Generate Accurate and Believable Alibis from Innocent Suspects
Applicant: Joseph D. Eastwood, PhD
Co-applicant: Brent Snook, PhD
Understanding and Enhancing the Narratives of Immigrant Youth

Applicant: Lindsay C. Malloy, PhD
Collaborators: Hilary E. Cameron, PhD, Jacqueline Evans, PhD


Insight Development Grants
Constructing the mental health crisis: Narrative sources and media consumption by emerging adults and postsecondary institutions

Applicant: Sharon Lauricella, PhD
Co-applicants: Geoffrey Navara, PhD, Elaine Scharfe, PhD

Gathering Input from Seniors on Legal and Ethical Issues Related to use of Social Robots for In-Home Support

Applicant: Andrea Slane, PhD
Co-applicants: Patrick Hung, PhD, Barbara Marshall, PhD, Isabel Pedersen, PhD
Collaborators: Jane Bailey, PhD, Kirsten Ellison, PhD, Valerie Steeves, PhD

Using Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) to Evaluate the Existence of Virtuous and Non-virtuous Motives to Empathize

Applicant: Matthew Shane, PhD


SSHRC Small Grants
Collaborative Resource Management through Free, Prior and Informed Consent

Applicant: Natalie Oman, PhD

Impact of Viewing Body-Worn Camera Footage on Reports of Critical Incidents

Applicant: Brian Cutler, PhD

An Examination of Bullying through Twitter

ApplicantKarla Dhungana Sainju, PhD

Young People's Perceptions of Their Interactions with Police

Carla Cesaroni, PhD, Phillip Shon, PhD, Christopher O'Connor, PhD

Exploring New Methods in Citizen Education and Engagement

Tyler Frederick, PhD, Scott Aquanno, PhD, Christopher O'Connor, PhD

The Social Media "Hook-Up" Culture for Racialized Women in Post-Secondary Institutions

Arshia Zaidi, PhD, Olga Marques, PhD


Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada Contributions Program projects
Involving Seniors and Caregivers in Developing Privacy Best Practices: Towards the Development of Social Support Technologies for Seniors

Project leader: Andrea Slane, PhD