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Identifying tactics of power and control that bullies use in the workplace

Although present in the workplace, not all workplace victimization comes in the form of physical and sexual harassment. In this talk, we will examine the Workplace Power-Control Wheel which was designed to unpack victim experiences of workplace bullying and to help identify tactics that bullies use.

Dr. Scott will move step-by-step through workplace abuse tactics, such as using intimidation, isolation, emotional abuse, and how abusers can minimize, deny, and blame victims for their own victimization. We will talk about how employers can use coworkers to bully, use their employer privilege to make work difficult, use financial tactics to control targets of abuse, and identify tactics of coercive and threatening behaviour. A copy of the wheel will be made available to all those who attend.

This event was held on November 15, 2021

Speaker bio:

Dr. Hannah Scott is a Full Professor and founding faculty member in the Faculty of Social Science and Humanities at Ontario Tech University. Her specializations include victimology, workplace bullying, evaluation, statistics, and homicide studies. She has worked in the United States and Canada on initiatives like the Strategic Approaches Community Safety Initiatives Project in the United States and the Durham Homelessness Census funded by the National Homeless Initiative in Ontario, Canada. 


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