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Human-Centered Strategies for Leveraging the Power of Generative AI

This presentation demonstrates a human-centered design framework for creating content using generative AI tools. Dr. Jason Tham will show some human-in-the-loop methods to create AI writing prompts that take advantage of the natural language processing ability of AI while addressing ethical concerns. 



Dr. Jason Tham is an assistant professor of technical communication and rhetoric in the Department of English at Texas Tech University. He is co-director of the User Experience (UX) Research Lab and co-advisor to the student organization Raider UX/UI. View his full profile, here.

Light lunch and refreshments will be served.

Date: Tuesday, March 28
Time: 11:15 am to 1 pm
Location: Bordessa Hall, 55 Bond Street East, room 524


  • Dr. Alyson King, PhD

    Dr. Alyson King has been teaching at Ontario Tech University since 2004 (in various roles). She takes an interdisciplinary approach to her teaching and research, loves teaching and working with students, and engages in research intended to better understand student experiences. View her full profile, here

  • Chelsie Lalonde, MLIS

    Chelsie Lalonde has a Master of Library and Information Science and is the librarian for the Faculty of Social Science and Humanities and the Faculty of Education, who also provides support for copyright inquiries at Ontario Tech. As a librarian Chelsie specializes in search strategy construction, information access and discovery. Chelsie’s background in AI includes search strategy construction and support for topics surrounding AI, technology, and education, and keeping up to date with AI developments related to education and copyright to support the Ontario Tech community. Current interests include dabbling in creating prompts for AI image generation and trying to figure out how the blockchain and decentralized web could change the way we understand information ownership online. View her full profile, here.

  • Dr. Theresa Miedema, SJD

    Dr. Theresa Miedema teaches business law and ethics. She has a Doctor of Juridical Science (SJD) degree from the University of Toronto, where her research focused on law and international development. She also has extensive legal experience in the regulation of the information communications technology (ICT) sector. View her full profile, here

  • Dr. Isabel Pedersen, PhD

    Dr. Isabel Pedersen is the founding Director of the Digital Life Institute, an international research network of multidisciplinary scholars studying the social implications of emergent digital technologies, where she also leads the AI and Social Implications cluster. View her full profile, here