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Undergraduate programs

Communication and Digital Media Studies

The Communication and Digital Media Studies program will help you develop 21st-century skills as you explore the economic, political and cultural drivers and impacts of communications and digital media in society.

Criminology and Justice

Our program explores and critically analyzes criminological and sociological theories of why people commit crime. It also examines how societies define crime and who is considered a criminal. Our program approaches the study of crime from an interdisciplinary perspective, drawing on a rich tradition from criminology, sociology, philosophy, psychology and law. In addition to examining why crime is committed, you will be encouraged to think about crime, criminal justice and its administration in ways that are consistent with the principles of fairness, equity, peace and justice.

Forensic Psychology

Forensic psychology contributes to increased public safety by improving our understanding and support of victims, witnesses and offenders as they move through the criminal justice system from the initial criminal investigation, to their experiences with the court, to rehabilitation and reintegration into the community.

Legal Studies

Legal Studies examines law's defining features, forms and functions, and critically engages with how law interacts with and responds to social, political and technological change. The program demonstrates a commitment to promoting justice by cultivating sensitivity to diversity and exploring what it means to become an active, socially responsible citizen.

Liberal Studies

Pursuing the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Liberal Studies program entails deepening one’s capacity for effective communication, incisive analysis, creative thinking, and critical self-reflection. The program is designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary to adapt to and thrive in a dynamic employment environment. It is not just a university graduate’s overall sum of knowledge, but the capacity to increase, deepen, distribute and apply that knowledge, which matters most in an ever-changing world.

Political Science

Our program emphasizes strategies for creating sustainable community development policies, which target improved quality of life and address important community justice and planning issues. This interdisciplinary major draws on faculty strengths in political science, sociology, public policy, history, geography, philosophy, legal studies and economics to give you an integrated multidisciplinary background.